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The General Vandenberg Chapter holds it monthly meetings on the 3rd Wednesday and is open to all active and former Officers and their heirs to promote Patriotism, Leadership, National Security and Homeland Security as well as support to Boy and Girl Scouts, ROTC programs and other patriotic organizations.  Guests are always welcome to attend.


Meetings are held at:



222 Elks Lane — San Luis Obispo, California



1215 hrs LUNCH SERVED (cost is $20 which includes tax & gratuity)

Checks can be made out to: MOWW


Call 805.528.7565 for reservations or just fill in the following form and your reservation will be emailed to Jim Murphy.  Please submit your reservation by the Friday before the General Meeting.  The lunch is buffet style and the Lodge does an excellent job preparing the food.  Guests are always welcome.



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Business casual attire is suggested.  We always encourage the wearing of your Military Uniform.








June 2

Joint Picnic with the MOAA at the
Atascadero Lake Park, 11:30 am


June 7

Recognition & Awards to ROTC cadets at CalPoly


June 13

Excom Meeting at the Elks, 9:30 am


June 20

Chapter luncheon meeting at the Elks, 11:30 am
Honoring Sheriff Ian Parkinson and Boy Scout Troop 51






Enjoy your Vacation meetings





June 2, 2018


Joint picnic with the MOAA at the Atascadero Lake Park: 11:30 am. Food and beverage will be provided for a modest cost of $20/head. Please bring the family and friends. The park is an excellent place for the annual picnic.


An excellent opportunity for those of you that cannot attend the mid week luncheons.



May 16, 2018


The guest speaker was LTC Joseph Dzvonik, Professor of Military Science (PMS) at Cal Poly State University Army Reserve Officer Training Corps’ (ROTC), San Luis Obispo. LTC Dzvonik gave an excellent overview of the local Army ROTC program.


LTC Dzvonik is a graduate of Penn State with majors in chemistry and geology and he also has a Master’s Degree.  LTC Joe spent over 3 years in Iraq on tours.


LTC Joe making his presentation

The Cal Poly ROTC program started in 1952 with the 1st commissioning in June 1955.  Eight women joined the program in 1973.


Scholarships awarded the cadets at Cal Poly typically cover either tuition or room & board. (Some universities cover the total cost.)




Cal Poly’s ROTC class of 2017-18 is among the top student groups in the nation. The Program had the 4th highest average cadet order of merit scores among 281 U.S, colleges and universities across the country that have ROTC programs which includes senior military colleges such as Texas A&M, Virginia Military Institute and Valley Forge Military Academy and College. The order of merit score is based on leadership skills, physical fitness tests and cumulative grade point average. No Cal Poly unit has scored this high in the nation before - showing that this graduating class is exceptional.


The graduating group of two women and 12 men is also one of the largest. While Cal Poly’s ROTC program attracts between 65 and 70 cadets a year from all six colleges, typically 10 to 12 graduate annually and are commissioned as second lieutenants.


Cadets are assessed at the beginning of their senior year, and this assessment plays a key role in where they start their military careers.


All 14 students receiving commissions this academic year received the Army component of choice they desired.


Nine chose active duty assignments, four are bound for the National Guard and one selected the Army reserve.  Six of the cadets were designated as Distinguished Military Graduates, individuals who rank in the top 20 percent of some 6,000 Army ROTC graduates nationwide.


Of the four cadets that were to attend the luncheon three were out of town on internship assignments and one was ill. Chapter financial support was given to the undergraduate cadets (selected by the program personnel) as follows:

Joseph Thurling      
Marcial Nunez        
Harrison Meyer     
Taylor Palmaffy      




$100 (the “William Sommermeyer Memorial” award)

 Checks and certificates will be presented to these cadets at the graduation ceremony on campus on June 7.


LT Ron Janney filled in for our ill Commander Lou
Ron reading the citation to LTC Joe

AND the citation/certificate presented to LTC Dzvonik

with a hearty Thank You




April 18, 2018


Our featured speaker was John Lindsey, a Corporate Relations Representive and Marine Meteorologist with PG&E’s Diablo Canyon Power Plant in San Luis Obispo.  (John also had a very active service in the US Navy.)

The topic of the day was “Climate Change”.  John presented a number of slides showing historical trends over the past number of years.  An example was the CO2 levels over the past 400,000 years…peaking at about 300 ppm then decreasing then peaking again at about 100,000 year increments.  (Levels determined from ice core samples).  It is now about 450 ppm…hmmmm.  CO2 can act as a “thermal blanket” in our relatively narrow atmosphere, and give rise to a warming tread.

The earth non circular orbit around the sun varies with time as does the tilt of the earth’s rotation…these natural conditions also lead to some climate changes. (Northern California had 100 inches of rain in one month back in 1862.)

Sea level changes are not effected by melting ice as the displaced solid volume is just replaced with water.  However as ice is broken off from glaciers that does tend to raise the water level….and we are seeing broken glaciers.  Some projections show a potential increase of ~46 inches in ocean levels!!

John feels that we do have a problem and all efforts to reduce CO2 will certainly help with the climate and also make for cleaner air to breathe. Consistent small steps today can preclude necessary major steps in the future. He thinks transportation is a primary driver (no pun intended) of California CO2. He walks the talk having 2 electric vehicles in the family and solar panels on his roof.

Diablo Canyon produces clean electricity and along with the solar fields in Carrizo Plains our county provides 80% carbon free power.  The plant is slated to close in 2024-2025, a short sighted political decision.


LT Ron Janney, Maj Jim Murphy, and John

with some pre-meeting discussions....

Maj Jim gave the introduction of John
John had a number of interesting slides And we did have the Q&A session after John's presentation


The Three Amigos:

Maj Jim, John, and CDR Bill Houston



March 21, 2018


The day was a bit inclimate but the meeting at Camp SLO was excellent; not as many folks as expected but it was a nice group. We entered the dining hall, paid our $8 and gathered together before going through the food line. The menu options were very good! The whole array!


After lunch the group went into a meeting room and started the meeting with the standard opening procedure. Base Commander Lt Col Angel Ortiz did an outstanding job with a Powerpoint presentation of the base and highlighted the many events and activities that take place there.


We then boarded a bus and had a grand tour of the facilities without ever getting out of the bus! It was very interesting, educational and time well spent. The rain was not a problem; really light sprinkles on the bus tour. (Only in California would rain impede anything!)


Lt Col Dan Dow addressing the group Base Commander Lt Col Angel Ortiz with a
Powerpoint Presentation of the base and activities



February 21, 2018


Our speaker was local author Jim Gregory.  Jim has taught American literature, modern world literature, cultural anthropology, advanced placement U.S. history and AP European history for thirty years at Mission College Preparatory School in San Luis Obispo and at Arroyo Grande High School. He has led several student trips to Europe, including visits to many of the villages and cities where young Americans fought in 1944-45.


Jim presented an overview of early aviation in our local area, including the WWII wartime training programs at Cal Poly and Hancock Field, and examples of notable local fliers, including fighter pilots, bomber pilots, and aircrew. 


He also highlighted the ladies of the WASP (Women's Airforce Service Pilots) who were actually non-military contract pilots. 38 of them died during wartime.  Many of them continued flying professionally after the war’s end.


Jim is the author of several published books including “World War II Arroyo Grande”, “Patriot Graves” (Discovering a California Town's Civil War Heritage) and “San Luis Obispo County Outlaws”.  His fourth book, “Aviators”, will be published and available in May.


Jim Presenting

Commander Lou with a Thank You to Jim




January 17, 2018


Captain Gary Hale with the SLO Fire Department (who was deployed for over two weeks on the Thomas Fire in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties) was scheduled to be the main speaker but was unavailable as he is supporting the ongoing Search and Rescue operations in Montecito . 

Jason Beres, a Fire Prevention Officer with the San Luis Obispo Fire Department was our guest speaker subbing for Capt Hale.  Jason did address the group in October 2015; he is also a BM2 in the US Navy (Former). Jason gave an overview of the fire and flood activities in the Santa Barbara area as best he understood.  He then had a good discussion of fire/disaster preparedness with some cogent handouts including (the first 2 are available to view):

Fire Safe Landscaping
Vial of Life info to post on the refrigerator for First Responders (page 1 page 2)
Family Disaster Supplies Calendar
Update New Requirements for Smoke Alarm Listings
FAQ’s on Carbon Monoxide Devices      


Maj Dan Dow
saying "howdy" to the group

(Dan is running for re-election
as SLO DA)


Lt Ron Janney introducing Jason Beres (at the head table with Commander Lou) Jason speaking



Commander Lou citing the
Thank You Certificate to Jason
And the presentation



December 20, 2017


The Special Christmas luncheon was held at the Officers' Club at Camp SLO.  The entertainment was provided the "In Time Trio" performing holiday favorites with their signature three-part harmonies and their sassy, classy and cool moves, as well as some military and patriotic songs.

The Officers Club offered a nice setting for the Christmas Luncheon

Opening invocation was presented by Maj Jim Murphy with Commander LTC Lou Stout and Lt(jg) Joe Brocatto

also at the head table


The Buffet Chow Line with Tri-tip and all the trimmings



The Trio gave a very lively, entertaining performance.

Commander Lou, along with Lt Ron Janney presented each of them a certificate of appreciation


Commander Lou presenting a certificate of appreciation to LTC Angel Ortiz, USA NG, the commander of Camp SLO...and member of the chapter, for making the Officers Club available for this special occasion.
Commander Lou had also presented a certificate of appreciation to COL Loren Weeks, USA (ret) for his fine efforts in organizing all of the club arrangements


Wayne Gretter was made a Friend of the Chapter (FOC) for his continuing efforts in maintaining the American Heritage Monument that the chapter had dedicated in July, 2013. Wayne did all of the electrical work on the monument and has replaced flags when needed (and lowering to half-staff on designated dates). He has now trained local Boy Scout Troop 51 to assist in the flag efforts.

Dave Frayer (FOC), Wayne, & Lou

at the flag flown on the USS Arizona

Wayne receiving his recognition


November 15, 2017


There was discussion on the potential of combining some of the MOWW and MOAA meetings and special events in the future.


The guest speaker at the meeting was LTC Al Fonzi who is a well-recognized expert on foreign affairs and military preparedness.

Al covered a number of wide geographical conditions around the world and issues of concern to the national security of the United States…. from China, Afghanistan, and the Middle East. One of his personal observations was that our military services are suffering and at a level of preparedness a kin to prior to WW II, he thinks we should re-institute the draft.


LTC Fonzi's presentation Certificate of Appreciation presented to Al
by Commander Lou




Friday Oct 13, 2017Joint Meeting


The MOWW and MOAA jointly had a "Celebration of Col. Jack Jones' Life", on October 13, 2017 in the Garden Room at the Madonna Inn. This special tribute was in place of our usual Oct 18 meeting.


Photos courtesy of LTC Richard Ennes, USAF (ret)


A slide show of photos showing Jack in many of his activities was presented by Erick Wand, a very long time friend of Jack.


A number of people expressed how pleased, touched, and impressed they were with Erick's slides.

Commander LTC Lou Stout, Erick Wand, and MAJ Jim Murphy.


Lou and Jim were the MC's for the meeting. Our thanks to not only Jim, Lou and Erick, but also to Capt David Brandmeyer (MOAA) and Lt Ron Janney for their collective efforts in organizing this fine tribute to Jack.

Craig Jones, Jack's son, presented an overview of his dad and his close family ties as well as the outstanding career of Jack and his many community involvements.


Sheriff Ian Parkinson highlighting Jack's law enforcement career Councilwoman Debbie Arnold represented the SLO County Board of Supervisors and local congressmen. Debbie is presenting a certificate from our congress representatives. During her talk, Debbie hit on almost all the activities Jack was involved with.
COL Loren Weeks, USA (ret) and Lt Col Angel Ortiz (the new commander of Camp San Luis Obispo) presented a bronze plaque of a soldier in battle dress to Craig.




Sept 20, 2017


This meeting was primarily the formal induction of the officers for the next year. LTC Louis Stout, USA (ret) will step in as Commander, Maj Jim Murphy will fill in also as Adjutant, Lt Col Angel Ortiz and COL Loren Weeks will be Staff at Large members, and Maj Dan Dow will assume membership chair. See the Officers page.



LTC Patrick Clark, USA (ret) (and MOWW Region Vice Commander) installing LTC Louis Stout as our new Commander along with Bonnie Harris, Treasurer, and MAJ Jim Murphy, Sgt at Arms and Adjutant







Header design courtesy of Graphics by Erick in San Luis Obispo